Director of Skuodas District Municipality Administration – about the results of 2019

Paskelbta May 6, 2020 m., skiltyje News

2020 January 2 Žydrūnas Ramanavičius, Director of the Administration of Skuodas District Municipality, in response to a question sent by Rūta Ronkauskienė, Deputy Chairman of the Board and Editor-in-Chief of the independent Skuodas District newspaper “Mūsų žodis”, what was 2019 for Skuodas District and its residents, was, spoke:

“Every year is different, various events are received, certain works are performed, decisions are made, ideas and initiatives are implemented. I think that in 2019 there were also many important and significant events for the whole Skuodas district and every inhabitant of this district.

2019 A number of new projects were launched in 2018, and it is also gratifying that last year we completed more projects financed from the European Structural Funds, state and municipal budgets than in 2018. Project results – the material bases of Mosėdis and Ylakiai gymnasiums and Bartuva progymnasium were renewed, learning conditions for students were improved, Skuodas Art School and Skuodas District Municipal Physical Culture and Sports Center purchased useful tools and equipment for informal children’s employment, Apuolė mound and Skuodas city park were beautifully arranged. The latter two sites have become even more visited by residents and tourists in our area. Continuing the talk about the projects, it is important to mention that the installation of a lift for people with disabilities in Skuodas Primary Health Care Center has started and repair works are being carried out in Mosėdis Primary Health Care Center. The above-mentioned health care centers need medical equipment and furniture, and public procurement procedures have been launched for their purchase. This is expected to improve the quality of health care provided. The overhaul of Dariaus and Girėno streets in Skuodas has started, which should be completed this year, and public spaces in Mosėdis town are being maintained, and we can already rejoice in the Mosėdis eldership building arranged according to the same project.

Funds allocated from the Road Maintenance and Development Program (hereinafter – RDPP) have also been successfully absorbed, ie about 1 million. 305 000 Eur. It is estimated that the number of newly installed roads with asphalt pavement in 2019 was 4 kilometers 469 meters, and the roads with asphalt concrete pavement that needed to be rebuilt were 1 kilometer 793 meters. Capitally arranged Ilgoji Street in Narvydžių village (From the RDP reserve and municipal budget funds – EUR 397,600). Funds of EUR 397,600 were used for asphalting the gravel road.

One of the saddest events of 2019 was that we had to raise a local toll for municipal waste collection for residents of the district. There was no other way out, as the amount of money needed to pay the bills for the services was not collected. Not everyone pays the local toll responsibly, so the Municipality has to pay the debt to the carrier. Debts will be recovered this year. However, the good news is that residents of individual homes in the district will be provided with the missing containers to improve waste sorting conditions. If the amount of mixed waste sent to landfill could be reduced, the tax could be reduced in the future.

Efforts have been made for a long time to speed up the installation of the new library building in Skuodas, but the public procurement procedures for the construction of the new building of the Skuodas District Municipality Public Library have been suspended. This is because, once the winner has been determined and the decision to award the contract has been made, the supplier in second place has appealed the decision to the court. A lawsuit is currently pending, so the Skuodas district municipality administration cannot complete the public procurement procedures.

As we can see, although the year has not been easy, there is definitely something to rejoice about.

And if, as far as I am concerned, one of the most significant changes would be that my position changed last year, there were more opportunities to help the residents of the district more. I therefore thank all those who supported my candidacy in the municipal elections. At the moment, I am also grateful to my team – the specialists of the Municipal Administration, the heads of the departments, the elders of the district elderships for their responsible work, cooperation and listening. We all have a busy year ahead of us, so I look forward to the support and cooperation of politicians in addressing issues important to the district. ”