In the municipality about a new foreign capital filter production company being established in Mosėdis

Paskelbta May 6, 2020 m., skiltyje Important, News

A new foreign capital filter manufacturing company is being established in Mosėdis town. Vaidotas Grikšas, the leader of this company in Lithuania, and Rudolf Svrčina, head of the company in 2019. December 18 visited Skuodas district municipality. Upon arrival, the guests presented their activities and plans to the elder of Mosėdis eldership to the heads of the municipality. During the meeting, the following issues were currently discussed in Mosėdis: Liepų st. 13 existing conditions for business creation and expansion.

Entrepreneurs submitted observations that better road condition in the territory of the company and former workshops, a sewage system connected to the centralized system and a high-quality Internet connection would facilitate the development of various businesses. On that day, the possibilities of laying asphalt pavement were discussed more widely, Hubert Valbas, the director of the private limited company Skuodo vandenys, has already been discussed on the installation of the sewage system, and other proposals will be considered later. The company currently has 11 employees and plans to install 32 workplaces by the end of 2020. The company is active in the international market.