Outpatient clinics are reopening the door to patients

Paskelbta May 5, 2020 m., skiltyje News

Outpatient clinics are reopening the door to patients, but to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), each will need to organize their work according to a plan for the renewal and delivery of services prepared and agreed with the National Center for Public Health (NVSC).

According to the Minister of Health, Head of State Emergency Operations at the state level Aurelijus Veryga, this stage requires proper preparation, as it is necessary to ensure proper control of infections, safety of patients and doctors.

“Despite the fact that polyclinics can already open their doors to their patients, they still have to do their homework until then. It will only be possible to start work responsibly with a plan that ensures smooth operation, anticipates all possible solutions to situations, so that everyone – both staff and patients – is clear on how to register, how to behave when a patient arrives for a consultation, how to work in an outpatient clinic and how to cases, ”says Minister A. Veryga.

Each polyclinic must calculate in its plan, according to its infrastructure, the maximum number of patients that can be admitted per day, the number of rooms required for consultations and procedures, and provide for their employment and disinfection procedures. The plan should also include detailed actions for the facility and staff should a case of coronovirus infection be identified at the facility.

When services are renewed, priority will be given to the remote way of providing services (such as prescribing medicines and medical aids, issuing and continuing electronic incapacity certificates, consulting a GP, GP specialist, nurse, appointing the necessary tests) and only then. when the service cannot be provided remotely.

The nature of registration is also changing: the reception of a medical institution or a call center only registers for remote services, and for direct contact consultation, the patient must be registered by the doctor or nurse himself. A visit to a specialist doctor is registered in accordance with the procedure established by the head of each medical institution.