Visitors to Mosėdis are greeted by a modern work of street art

Paskelbta May 6, 2020 m., skiltyje Important, News

From this weekend, everyone coming to Mosėdis will be greeted by a modern work of street art, the symbol of the town – a bear rolling a stone. This work was painted on the wall of the Mosėdis gymnasium building by Linas Kaziulionis, a certified painter and painter who received the status of a professional artist of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. He is implementing a street art project, during which he will create 10 original street art works in all small Lithuanian capitals of culture. Mosėdis will be proud of the tourist street art map and guide.

It was up to the residents to decide where the drawing would take place and what the content of the drawing would be. This work of street art corresponds to the identity of the town, emphasizes its uniqueness, carries a clear message that Mosėdis is a kingdom of stones.

Bronislava Gadeikienė, the coordinator of events in Mosėdis, the Lithuanian Capital of Small Culture, presented the project “Open Lithuanian Exhibition” to Mosėdis residents on the weekend, October 26. The project is partially funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council. Artist Linas Kaziulionis also contributes to the implementation of the project with personal funds.

Photo by – Silvija Pervova